Thursday, June 6, 2013

Hail Damage or Tornado Claim? How to File an Insurance Claim and Get the Most Money

How to Get the Most Money When Filing YOUR Insurance Claim: Ten Things Your Insurance Company Will Never Tell You

After wind, hail or tornado damage, read and learn here, and on the webpage, how to get the most cash from your insurance company. Also find out how to choose a roofing company that pays the most money. Are You Making an Insurance Claim? Then Get Every Dollar You Deserve.

Hail Storms and Hail Damage Claims: What Your Insurance Adjuster and Roofing Contractor Will Never Tell You
Hi, my name is Matthew and I am writing to prepare you for any given hail damage claim, because most hail damage claims involve numerous parties and aspects: homeowner, deductibles, insurance company (agent, adjuster, initial claim, claims center, and supplemental insurance claims), mortgage company or bank, roofing contractor and supplements (supplemental claims), HOA and COA (if applicable), and possible subcontractors.
We, perhaps most of us, were not taught how to be expert roofing contractor finders or locators. But what will you do if your home, one of the greatest investments that you will ever make, is hit with that dreadful, devastating hail storm? The vast majority of the information that you and I will locate online for hail damage claims is written by roofing contractors, the same folks who have a vested interest in acquiring your business after the hail damage. I am just your average Matthew, and my goal is to assist you, from one neighbor to another, from making many of the major mistakes that I made during my first hail damage claim.
Did you know that your homeowner insurance policy may cover and protect you and yours from much more than wind and hail damage to your roof. Think outside of the box, or outside of the house.
As a result of wind and hail damage, here are some examples of what are often times covered by most homeowner insurance policies: trash cans, flowers and flowerpots, wind chimes, birdhouses and birdbaths, skateboards and bicycles, HVACs, jungle gym and swing set, garage doors, house doors, swimming pool and accessories, fences (from staining to painting to replacing), windows and screens, patios, awnings, grills, decks, siding or hardiplank, exterior light fixtures, motion detectors, downspouts, gutters, shed and storage unit, carport, garage, shrubs, plants, and anything else exposed to the hailstones, such as riding lawnmower and wheelbarrow, etc.
Common questions that one may ask while making a hail storm damage roof insurance claim, include: Which roofing contractor do I call? How do I locate a reputable roofing contractor? Which questions should I ask the contractor? What can I, as the homeowner, expect from a roofing company? Should I use the roofer that my neighbor used? Where do I begin my research? Should I locate a roofing company on the internet, Angies.list, online reviews, call the number for the roofing company that I saw on TV, or maybe I should call the number of the roofing company that I saw on a billboard or sign on my way to work?
Just the thought of the myriad of questions for any hail damage claim can seem overwhelming, but that is one of the reasons why I am writing this easy-to-read page. I will discuss and cover what you, the homeowner, need to know about hail storms and the hail damage insurance claim dos and don'ts and will also separate facts from myths.
Regarding hail claims and roofing contractors, I have learned the hard way, so I am here to do my best to share with you, the reader, the homeowner, an easy to follow guide and checklist with basic and important questions that you should ask now, prior, during, and after any hailstorm. I will also provide useful information that no contractor or website provides. Example: Should my pets stay at home while the roofing company is repairing my home?
The lack of information that people know about their roofing contractor or any company that they conduct business with is no surprise. Most people give little, if any, thought to hail damage to their home -- until it happens.
While most contractors are responsible professionals, everyone has heard horror stories of disappearing work crews, ballooning costs, missed deadlines, shoddy work, and even fraud. To make sure that you choose the right professional to fix your roof, ask the questions on this page before signing a contract.
Before hiring, you should always check with the appropriate boards and companies to make sure that your roofing contractor is licensed and insured.
Ask at least three different companies to submit proposals. Learn what you can from each person who looks at your roof, and ask questions. Take time to make an informed decision. Pay careful attention to what each roofer recommends.
Should I go with the lowest bidder? Don't jump at the lowest bidder. If all bids for your roof are within 20 percent of each other, the low bid might be okay. Compare what each roofer is offering, and watch out for hidden costs or extras. Read more here Are You Making an Insurance Claim? Then Get Every Dollar You Deserve Now

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