Thursday, June 13, 2013

Florida, The Floridians and the Civil War

Floridians and the Civil War

Florida was a player in the Civil War, but not in manpower. The state, however, was crucial to the Southern war effort because of its immense coastline that allowed vital supplies to the blockaded South. The state is also know as the only Southern state whose capital was not captured during the conflict. The diversity of the state is perhaps also unmatched compared to any other state, Northern or Southern. From the likes of blacks, Creoles, Hispanics, women, (some) Native Americans, Irish, German, English, and ole Revolutionary stock, many contributed to the Southern war. The following pages discuss the numerous Floridians who contributed immensely to both Union and Confederate causes during the Civil War. And the pages include: Hispanics (often ignored); Jews (rarely, if ever, even a subject of the war); Women (typically viewed as despondent wives and mothers left at home only to till the land); African-Americans (usually viewed as escaped slaves who hated all things south of the Mason-Dixon); Seminoles (must admit, I normally think of Florida State); and the numerous partisans, generals and politicians who served the South and Florida.

Hispanics of Florida in the Civil War (1861-1865)

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