Thursday, June 6, 2013

Checklist for hail damage claim and list of what to do

From golf ball to baseball to softball to even grapefruit size hail, on this website you will locate a simple checklist for filing your hail damage insurance claim.

Hail Damage Affects Every State in the Nation

How to File Your Hail Damage Claim, including a List of Dos and Dont's While Filing Your Hail Claim

Did you say super size it?

Pea to nickel size hail is very common in every U.S. state, so common that it is not considered too newsworthy, and hail often forms and falls without any warning from local or national media. 

If you are the victim of a hailstorm, immediately contact your insurance company and inform them. Your insurance agent will walk you through the claim process, and inform you if you need to call your insurance claim center directly, or inform you if your insurance adjuster will be contacting you. Also, feel comfortable calling a reputable, locally based, licensed roofing company and asking them if they will conduct a free roof inspection as well as inspect for related damages to your home, which includes your yard, for items such as trash cans, flowers and flowerpots, wind chimes, birdhouses and birdbaths, HVACs, jungle gym and swing set, garage doors, house doors, swimming pool and accessories, fences (from staining to painting to replacing), windows and screens, patios, awnings, grills, decks, siding or hardiplank, exterior light fixtures, motion detectors, downspouts, gutters, shed and storage unit, carport, garage, shrubs, plants, and anything else exposed to the hailstones, such as riding lawnmower to wheelbarrow to bicycles, etc. It is a free inspection, so make that call!
Another reason why it is prudent to have a local, licensed roofing company perform a free inspection of your roof, is that your insurance company will also be sending an independent insurance adjuster to inspect your roof for damages. So there you have it, two free inspections that will allow you, the homeowner, to make an informed decision and have peace of mind.
A good roofing contractor will define any problem areas noted, offer solutions, provide company documentation, such as licenses, insurances, warranties, BBB rating, Angie's List (if on the list), several references, etc., and answer any of your questions. A good roofing company will also work directly with your adjuster and file any needed supplements (supplemental work that may be required during the repair process).
For example: You hire roofing company X, and as they remove the old shingles (included in the initial adjustment), they discover that the wood, under the shingles, is cracked or damaged from the hailstorm and needs replacement. A good roofing company will know how to file the supplements as well as perform all necessary repairs.
Avoid the hailstorm chasing roofing repair company
Lastly, it is prudent to avoid like the plague what are known as hailstorm chasing roofing repair companies who merely follow the hailstorm in search of their next victim and scam. The hailstorm chasing roofing repair company is not only from out of the area, but they are as sly as a fox and often ask for a down payment or earnest money (which you should never do!), without any intention on performing any repairs, and then vacate the area and move on to the next city and repeat the fraudulent deed. Are all hailstorm chasing roofing repair companies bogus and fraudulent? Do you really want to risk it when there are so many reputable, locally based roofing contractors?
Say, for example, you are in DFW, so why put one ounce of your trust in a company based in Houston, who arrive here only to set up a temporary storefront and canvass your neighborhood, do a repair, get your money, and then vanish, I mean return, to Houston? And never, under any circumstances, pay any money upfront! If you do this, don't be surprised if you never hear from that roofing contractor again.
And what if you need that out of the area roofing company to honor any warranty, to perform a follow-up or return to re-inspect? By then, they will most likely have a different zip code as well as area code - and does that offer peace of mind? Obviously not. See also How to Choose a Roofing Company.
There are plenty of outstanding, highly reputable, locally based roofing companies that also support the local community, attend the local church or synagogue, and have children attending our local schools. They are our neighbors and friends -- and people we can trust. Please visit website for more. Feel free to share this page, thank you.

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