Thursday, August 15, 2013

Alabama in the Civil War

Alabama in the Civil War

According to the 1860 U.S. census, Alabama had a free population of 529,121 and an additional slave population of 435,080.

Alabama was not the scene of many major military operations, yet the state contributed approximately 120,000 men to the Confederate service; practically all the state's white population capable of bearing arms. Most were recruited locally and served with men they knew, which built esprit and strengthened ties to home. A compilation made from the official rosters of the Confederate Armies as they stood at various battles, and at various dates covering the entire period of the war, shows that Alabama kept the following number of organizations in almost continuous service in the field: 55 regiments of infantry, and 11 battalions of infantry; 5 regiments of cavalry; 3 regiments of partisan rangers; and 16 batteries of light artillery. 

Alabama was the battlefield for the following principal battles: Battle of Athens, Battle of Day's Gap, Battle of Decatur, Battle of Fort Blakely, Battle of Mobile Bay, Battle of Newton, Battle of Selma, and Battle of Spanish Fort. Continue to Alabama Civil War History 

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