Friday, April 19, 2013

Massachusetts Civil War History and the Heroes of Boston

Massachusetts Civil War History: Contributions from recruiting Union Army Soldiers to Military Battles to Statistics

Heard about the movie GLORY? Starring Denzel Washington, Morgan Freeman, and Matthew Broderick. Fact-based movie about an initial all black Massachusetts Civil War unit raised in Boston. Backed by Governor Andrew as well as Boston's elite, the regiment's contributions are immense: the regiment was led by all white officers, the first black soldier to be awarded the medal of honor hailed from the 54th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment, Frederick Douglass' two sons served in the regiment, and Frederick Douglass recruited for the regiment. President Abraham Lincoln even stated that the unit was instrumental in his decision to recruit 180,000 African-Americans (called colored troops at the time, aka USCT for United States Colored Troops). Lincoln subsequently stated that the recruitment of 180,000 blacks turned the tide of the war! Read about Boston, the unit, Massachusetts, and the numerous contributions from this historic, iconic film based on fact, not fiction. Denzel earned his first Oscar in this movie. Must read and a must see. Learn more about our nation's heroes, and thanks for reading this and hopefully you will learn more from this page...Massachusetts Civil War History: Military, Army, and Union Soldiers

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